Our approach is to deliver a holistic appreciation of your needs, requirements, environment, and risks. We are not in the business of set and forget, and we’re not lumbered with legacy technology or processes. Our service evolves daily, anticipating tomorrow, delivered today.

Our experts interpret findings, understand context, and empower productive conversations around defensive strategies.

Insights gained from across Bastion’s entire diverse experience and customer base are leveraged for your benefit.

Endpoint Detection Response

Stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape with Bastion’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service, providing always-on protection, continuous monitoring, and real time response to security incidents.

  • Unparalleled Comprehensive Visibility
  • Remediation and Response to Threats
  • Expert Triage
  • Holistic Expertise across Security Domains from some of New Zealand’s Best Cyber Security Professionals
  • High Trust High Confidence Integrated Cyber Threat Intelligence
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